Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Is there anybody out there?

Today's a bit of a watershed for me and my chauffeur duties on the school run. For this afternoon, my two kids, aged 10 and 8 are soooo excited to be getting the school bus home, at least. They both have friends who take the same bus too so I suspect this is part of their fun. There are no morning spaces so for the time being, I can still feel connected to their school life, well until the start of the next academic year. Does anyone else feel a sense of abandonment? 
Practically, it makes total sense. It's environmentally friendly, cheaper with the ever increasing cost of diesel and frees up my time. From their point of view, I know, logically, it's their growing need for independence.  I came across this quote on Twitter a few weeks ago which sums it up :
"Love your children reliably and they'll gracefully outgrow you. Ignore them and they'll be obsessed with you for life.”
Their independence is the price we pay for doing our job well. Yet, with every little step they take in a bid for more "freedom", there's an equal number of little "pings" on the heart strings.

I've imagined this for a while, yet in this vision, I thought I'd feel much more euphoric at not having to do the hour's drive. This will free up 3 more hours this week but as of next August, with both journeys taken care of, I'll gain 10 hours a week. Goodness what am I ging to do with this time? Keep shtum, as soon as anyone knows, especially OH, I'll be presented with a list of "to do's", no doubt.
For today, at least, I suspect for that hour, I'll watch the clock and wait for them to return safely, in one piece... oh and eat too many biscuits and catch up on Twitterville!

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