Monday, 5 March 2012

#MARCHphotoaday 3, 4, 5

Spring has spring, the grass has riz and I've just been rubbish at this!

What a poor start. 2 days in and already falling behind... tsk, tsk. As I said in February, must try harder.

So, according to #Fatmumslim's challenge list, to be found here, I've got to produce photos of my neighbourhood, bedside and a smile for the 3rd, 4th and 5th days of this sunny month of March respectively.

The neighbourhood photo wasn't taken by me and wasn't taken on 3rd either. However, if this part of Scotland was this sunny a lot more of the time, we'd be a whole lot happier. Just love the abundance of the most gorgeous cherry blossom. It looks so pretty. Hope you enjoy!

Again, another "cheat" I feel. 4th: Bedside. My bedside cabinet is covered in tea stains and piled high with magazines "I must get back to" and books I never finish. So this photo is taken from Hotel du Vin. I was thoroughly spoiled for a big birthday at their hotel in Poole. It was lovely. Crisp. Pristine. Over looking the harbour... OH happy drooling over the yachts. I was just happy chilling, no kids, no clutter, all too briefly, in the roll top bath.

"A smile" was the challenge for the following day. Now, I don't know about anyone else's dog but our border collie smiles. When you've been away for a wee while, he'll come up and give you a kind of one sided smile. Unfortunately, he won't do it to order for the camera so I'm sharing this one instead.

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