Thursday, 1 March 2012

#MARCHphotoaday Up!

Movies in our house are, more often than not, enjoyed on DVD. I would loooove a home cinema system that involved a projector and retractable screen. 

Well, my earlier blog "Let's go to the movies" relates my thoughts about the cost of taking the family to enjoy a film on the "big screen". It's just not possible for every film, we'd all like to see.

Today's #Marchphotoaday challenge (set by #fatmumslim) allows me to pay credit to Pixar and their masterpiece that is "Up". If you haven't seen it, I suggest you do if you like a heartwarming, humourous tale of love, life and adventure seen through characters, Carl, Ellie and Russell at either end of the age scale. 

Casting, Ed Asner ensures we hear him loud and clear as an elderly gent who is missing his wife, Eliie. They shared a life lived to the fullest with tinges of sadness (depicted in a lovely, touching series of animated story telling) and then the aching void he feels when Ellie, sadly passes away. They bonded over the formation of their advernture club and pursued their life together, onwards and as it turns out, upwards.


  1. Oh I love Up so much - I've never been able to hold back tears in the opening montage!! x

  2. Me too! Seems since having kids I cry at everything, really, really easily. Thanks for commenting. If you fancy contributing to the #Marchphotoaday Challenge head over to for the full list! Happy snapping :-)